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We will import a car for you from the states. Cars from the USA are our specialty.
We deal with import comprehensively. 


We are a licensed buyer on auction platforms in the United States and Japan.

Cars from the USA or Japan are a great alternative for customers looking for bargain prices. You can find unusual or exotic automotive deals on these markets. Both of these markets are saturated with cars, so finding interesting offers is only a matter of time. At moto prime, we believe that we can find a car for everyone. The combination of searching on both of these markets gives us much more possibilities and a more diversified selection of offers. Offers on the Japanese market are often cars with very low mileage and in excellent condition. Japanese are known for taking care of their vehicles. They are often kept in garages, so the paintwork is also in perfect condition. Usually used cars are usually only used at the weekend and this is where the reasons for such a low consumption can be seen. Usually the metro is used during the week to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams.

In the states, car use differs significantly from that in Japan, but there often large mileage comes from long distances between e.g. home and work, and usually highway runs.

To further diversify our offer and not to limit ourselves only to cars from the USA or  Japan . We also use what our continent has to offer.

  European market  is well known to us. We have licenses for purchases at recognized auction platforms in almost every country of the European Union.

The advantage of shopping on the local market is the speed with which we can obtain a car for the customer. It usually takes only a few days for formalities and home delivery. Compared to 6 weeks, for some it is a big advantage. The downside is the low availability of large cars, such as full-size suvs or pickups, we call it cars such as Cadillac Escalade, Ford Expedition or Ford F150.  


The European market is saturated with compact cars with smaller capacities than those from overseas. This is a response to the needs of certain groups of customers who are looking for economical cars that will be used mainly in the city, and we understand it perfectly well. Each client has their own tastes and needs, and we do our best to satisfy them properly. 

We will find  something  for  every

Low commission 

Why Moto Prime?

We will review the offers all over  world 
We will check each copy in databases 
We try to perform the service as soon as possible 
We will take care of transport
Home delivery
We will find your new car for you on auction platforms in the USA, Japan and Europe.

Importing cars from the USA & Japan or Canada turned out to be a very beneficial move from the customer's perspective.
Cars from America are often very well equipped and their prices are usually 30% + lower than the same vehicles in Poland.
It is not possible with every model and that is why we have expanded our offer to other markets such as Japan, Dubai and the EU.
Thanks to this solution, we are able to offer the client the richest possible offer. By comparing prices from around the world, we know that our purchase offer will meet customer requirements. Thanks to us, importing a car from the USA & Japan is available and clear to everyone. Cars from the States or Japan are an attractive alternative for people who can experience the pleasure of owning a sports, luxury or classic car for a lot less.
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