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Moto Prime Limited offers many interesting propositions to all customers, regardless of their budget. We want to help customers buy their dream car from the states at an attractive price. We want the import of the car from the USA to be carried out with a smile on our face. Familiarize yourself with our unique offers that we have prepared. If you are looking for and wondering about a new car, please contact us. A casual conversation will help to dispel any doubts. There are very few such cars that cannot be bought cheaper in the United States. That is why we also buy cars in Japan and also on the European market. The Japanese market is full of cars with low mileage and in excellent condition. The customer must take into account that the price will be higher. For this, he receives a vehicle free from defects.  The only contribution to such cars is changing the oil and filters. The downside is the longer waiting time for cars from Japan. Import from the USA is twice as fast and cheaper. If time is crucial, we will also import the car from the European market. Such a service is possible after telephone consultation. In such cases, we go to get the car and check it on the spot. It is a more expensive option due to logistics and our time.  
Our offer:
- we will advise you on choosing a vehicle
- we will check in databases and present  results 
- we will suggest a price range for a possible auction 
- we will buy a car or a motorcycle chosen by the customer  

    - we provide transport of vehicles in the USA, Canada or Japan
    - we will organize sea freight and import of cars from the USA, Canada or Japan
    - customs clearance in the territory of the EU.
    - we will transport vehicles from the port, e.g. from Bremerhaven to Poland
    - we will ask for a visit  vehicle appraiser 
    - we will advise you on how to make modifications to adapt the vehicle to European requirements
    - we will take care of the purchase of parts if such is the customer's request 
    - we will propose a mechanical or tinsmith workshop  

    We import cars from the States and Japan:
    New  - directly from the dealer 
    Used  - auctions, announcements 
    Broken  - auctions
    Vintage and classic  - auctions, announcements 
    Luxurious  - auctions, announcements 
    Sports  - auctions, announcements 
    Off-road  - auctions, announcements 
    Electric  - auctions, announcements 

    We also import other vehicles from America or Japan:
    Agricultural machinery

    Our services related to importing a car from the USA will be found  You below. Please contact us if you need to specify something. 

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