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Here is a list of the basic tools we use in our daily work while searching for you  cars  in Usa. 
We use all of them when checking cars for our clients. Thanks to such solutions, it is possible to thoroughly check each car for hidden defects. It will happen that the checked vehicles (damaged) already have an accident past, often much more serious than the current minor damage. We can also check how the car has been serviced so far, which will be extremely important in its subsequent operation. 


When it comes to cars from the USA, Carfax is the most famous tool available on the market. Reports are generated of very good quality. 


Auto check is the second necessary choice. Information is often duplicated in both reports. There is additional information about the car in one report or the other that can be crucial. 


Epicvin  different  myself  a bit from the first  two. Here  you can  found  also  similar information but  too  previous  offers from, for example, dealers in the USA with photos and descriptions of the equipment.  

Autoauctions gives us an insight into  the auction history of the car.
  together with  possible damage and the price of the car  if  was  previously put up for auctions. 
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