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Sooner or later, every US car user will need new parts for it. Please contact us if you have a problem with this or you simply don't have time for it. 

Are you looking for parts? We can help . If you are already our client, we set the price for our services individually with a discount. Customers who have not yet purchased their car with us can of course count on our assistance in this regard. Prices start from PLN 150 for small orders and increase for more complicated ones.                  We have discounts in some companies, which can give you big savings on larger orders. We mainly import parts for cars from the states because there are problems mainly with these parts in Poland.  Even if the parts you are looking for are in online stores in Poland, please contact us because it may turn out that importing the same parts with our margin will be cheaper anyway. Additionally, companies in Poland often offer parts for American cars  the cheapest companies, hence the poorest quality. A good mechanic will encourage you to buy branded products of well-known and respected brands, which will ultimately save you money. All cars from the USA, but also those from the home market  they tolerate products of good brands better. Good products mean significantly increased durability and often comfort of use. On better parts, the electrician in the vehicle can work flawlessly, and with cheaper replacements, we have problems with, for example, engine operation. Ultimately, the customer always decides what to choose. We can only suggest a solution so that each car gets what's best for it. 

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